Financial Assistance

The Australian Government Department of Human Resources has information on financial support that is available for people with FOP and their carers. It also includes information on applying for Australian Disability Parking Permits.

Individuals with FOP may be eligible for the Disability Support Pension, once they reach 16 years of age.

Individuals with FOP may be eligible for Mobility Allowance and the Pensioner Education Supplement.

You can find out more here and here.

People receiving the Disability Support Pension are eligible for a Health Care Card. The Health Care Card will help with the cost of prescription medicine under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), Australian Government funded medical services and access to over government concessions.

Management of a chronic condition can be costly. Financial assistance for high costs for out of hospital medical services that attract a Medicare benefit is provided via the Medicare Safety Net.

The Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme Safety Net protects you and your family from the high total cost of large numbers of PBS medicines. Once a specified cost threshold is reached during a calendar year, the cost of your medicines is generally reduced.

As FOP is a chronic condition, patients may be able to access Medicare benefits to cover allied health services that help manage their condition. These services could include Occupational, Physical Therapy and Podiatry.

Medical Aids Subsidy Schemes provide financial assistance for medical aids and equipment. Each State and Territory operate schemes, check the offerings in your area.