Middle and Senior School – Years 7-12

The workload at this level of school often overwhelms the strongest of students. Reading, writing, researching, thinking, and extra-curricular activities all come into the picture. To help the student with FOP succeed, the previous adaptations should be re-evaluated to ensure the most up-to-date options are being utilised. There may also be a few new issues to be considered, such as the transition to the post-high school life of tertiary study and/or employment.

Assistive Technologies can be useful for students with FOP. Spectronics offer a large range of inclusive learning technologies and can provide advice and assessment services.

Information on subsidy funding for assistive technologies:

Test and Work Modifications

There may now be a need for further test and assignment modifications, such as oral test-taking, extra time, less homework, submitting work written on the Palm Pilot (which means it would have to be brought home, downloaded, printed & returned to the school for submission).